I am a student who studies Linguistics.

I have a belief. “Language is everything.” We (I mean human beings) have told our history, literature, technology, joy, sorrow, love, hate etc…by language. Our life is completely based on languages. Everyone will agree that if we had no language, we would have been extinct already. Therefore, I consider that “Language is everything.” But language is insubstantial. We can produce speech sounds but the sounds are not language itself.  We can use sign languages. but the signs are not language itself.  So what is language?

Since I was a child, I have felt something mysterious about languages. I have always wondered why, something insubstantial  makes people happy or sad. Sometimes, I am fearful of language.

I have had such thoughts around me and I have decided to study linguistics.

I am curious about the origin of languages and languages in the future.

In this blog, I am going to write my thoughts, opinions or what I studied although I am still just a student.

I would appreciate it if you shared yours on my blog and I really hope to exchange our ideas.

Thank you.


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