Sometimes, religion and science are considered as opposing things. But I do not think so. They are basically the same things. The only difference is just whether it allows you to amend itself or not.
In religion, you are not allowed to amend the religion. If the Bible says ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ You have to accept that as fact regardless, you feel something strange. On the other hand, in science, you can object by saying ‘this fact  is strange! Where is the heavens?’ This is the biggest and only difference between religion and science.
However, both of them are just beliefs. Of course, the sun rises in the east. We have experienced so, been taught so and believed so. Still there is no guarantee that the sun would rise in the west tomorrow. Suddenly, the earth might change the rolling direction. Therefore, I think that we just believe it without guarantees. It happens thousands billion times so the same thing will happen next time. This is our understanding and science. We can not recognise truth. What you call truth is just a thing which has the highest probability.
I will give you one example. Economics is often considered as a scientific thing. It is used in business, politics and so on. But there is still no ground theory in economics. For example, we can not understand the system of capitalism although there are thousands of papers which try to explain. Actually, I was really surprised by this when I learnt it. It is just believed. In other words, there is no fundamental difference between religion and science.

This is my basic thought towards religion and science.


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