In the last post, I wrote about what I want to try in linguistics. But you may think that ‘It is just a dream, impossible’. Indeed, I have to admit that there are a lot of troubles to achieve the ideal language. Still, I believe that it is possible and the language would have an incredible impact which changes human beings to another creature. In this post, I want to mention the reason.

Firstly, I want to look into the human history. In my thought, human beings have experienced two ages. One is the augmentation age. Another is the automation age. After the two times, I am sure that the age of merging will come. I think that it is possible to create the ideal language in the age of merging. I will explain in order.

Human history began from the augmentation age. Augmentation  has the two points to highlight in this time. 1, Augmentation dispenses human from an evolution.  2, Augmentation is shareable.

A human body has a less basic ability than other animals. We do not have sharp claws or fangs to capture and slash game like carnivorous animals. We do not have furs to stand coldness. It is difficult to say that we have convenient body to survive in the nature.

However, human beings overcame the difficulty by ‘Augmentation’.  As I mentioned, we do not have a sharp claws or fangs. But we used external devices, stone tools which are equal to or greater than claws or fangs of animals. As a result, we overwhelmed and ate mammoths. In addition, we used the fur to withstand coldness. We did not evolve ourselves but augmented our body by external devices.

What is more, because augmentation does not depend on an individual’s body, it is possible to share with other individuals. In usual, the characters such as claws and fangs are obtained by the specie evolution over long time. But human robbed it quickly, with shareable states. If the evolution depends on genetic information, it needs quite a long time to multiply dominant species by mating of many generations. However, it was possible for human to obtain the characters by only one generation without mating because humans did augmentation by external devices. This shareability was a key to develop in short time like our development.

I call it the Outsourcing Evolution. We outsourced our evolution. Therefore, we could develop rapidly.

In the next post, I will write continue this writing.


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