In the last two posts, I had written my thoughts about human history. Please look at below links to read them.

The Reason Why I Believe That The Ideal Language Is Possible. Part 1 the age of augmentation.

The Reason Why I Believe That The Ideal Language Is Possible. Part 2 the age of automation.

In this post, I will write about a prediction from present to future: The Age of Merging. What does merging mean? It is a process to improve human bodies through technology. We will merge technology of augmentation and automation that we have obtained to our body and improve our physical abilities. If I use familiar words, that would be so-called Cyborg.

Some people might say ‘You are silly. The real world is not SF world.’ However, cyborgs are not uncommon in our society.

What is the definition of a cyborg? According to the Oxford Dictionary, A cyborg is defined as below.

A fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.

from the Oxford Dictionary.

Indeed, this definition looks okay to imagine our stereotypes of cyborg which fire leaser guns from their body in films. But What about people who use artificial arms, legs, joints and so on. I think that we can say such people are cyborgs, not fictional.

Cyborgs exist in the present society. In addition, I believe that the number of cyborgs will continue to increase and it will be difficult to find the boundary between humans and cyborgs.

The one big reason is ageing society. Thanks to medical technology, our life longevity is going up. However, we have not overcome ageing yet. people are still ageing. your muscle will be lost, your wrist will not obey your will, your legs will not move. It means the expansion of diversity. In order to support the diversity, the technology of cyborg will be more common.

If your grandmother breaks her leg unfortunately and builds artificial bone into her body, you feel like ‘She is cyborg’? Probably, NO. As agieng society goes, such cases get common. From what until what is human? The boundary will be unclearer.

In such a society, emotions and moods against cyborgs will decrease than in today’s society. This social change is the first step for humans to start making themselves cyborgs(cyberization). At this first stage, we are released from the resistance and the fear of cyberization.

At the level, we had to do cyberization due to the inconvenient body by ageing. At the next stage, I believe that there will be more people who do cyberization to acquire a more convenient body. At this second level, The Age of Merging will start.

Here is an interesting example: the long jump in London Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. On the tournament, one player who has an artificial leg won the Championship with a greater record than players who have a normal body. An artificial body beat a normal body. This suggests that Artificial bodies can provide greater abilities than normal.

Markus Rehm

What happens, if this was arms? If you have great power, you can be a good worker in engineering. If you are skilful with your fingers, you can be a great mechanic. People will start to ask a convenient body to fill their needs and do cyberization. In such a society, people who are cyborgs will get more advanced in social positions. For example, one of my friends, who is cyborg and I want to work in engineering. Probably, the first person who gets a job would be the friend. If so, I have to do cyberization to follow the friend. This competition will lead to the outbreak of cyberization. In capitalism, competition is necessary.

What is the world after the outbreak? Perhaps, everyone will be able to obtain the abilities of other people in the world. I will give you an example. If you want to be a Sushi chef, you can download the data of Sushi chef to your hands which is replaced by cyberization and your hands will replay the skill of the Sushi chef. In other words, everyone’s body will be shareable to everyone. Along the trend, our brain will start cyberization because when it is possible for everyone to share bodies, only the brain can differentiate from competitors.

One futurist, Ray Kurzweil predicts that our brains will connect to cloud computing and it will be possible to back our ideas or memories up in the 2030s. If I simplify this, this is the merging of humans and smartphones. In fact, we have already done such things with smartphones. Our smartphones are always online and we output our ideas and memories to smartphones by memo apps, reminder apps, and so on. In this prediction, we will do the same things without smartphones.

In addition, in this phase, the ideal language I am thinking will be realised. Language is one kind of information and smartphones are a device to process information. The merging of humans and smartphones means that our body becomes the device to process information. If information can be shared as the precise form without any changes and degradations, the ideal language I mentioned before

Language presents everything in its natural form without sounds. Such a language could be understood by every human being and by the angels. It would be an immediate medium to transport thoughts and feelings without impediment by reason.

can be realised.

This is The Reason Why I Believe That The Ideal Language Is Possible.

Over three posts, I have posted my thoughts about human history.

Human beings who have obtained external devices which are shareable augmentation technology evolved significantly by the Outsourcing Evolution. However, after that, we obtained Automation technology and capitalism which runs by competitions got great power through the Industrial Revolution. AI is born on the continuation of this trend and our humanity is indecisive now. the indecision would lead us to the merging. We will start to develop our evolution by ourselves. In the process of that, my ideal language will be realised.

This is my view and the main research.

Now, this is the main topic of these three posts.

I want to exchange opinions with you.  I am really immature sp.  I want your knowledge I do not have. If you have different views, you would have many objections. It is natural to discuss the cons and pros. If it is possible to listen to your opinions, It is my pleasure and the purpose of this post.

please, feel free to send comments or messages.

Thank you.


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